Years of Proven Results


Bobsled Marketing is a digital marketing agency with years of proven results and experience in helping brands scale on Amazon and leveling up their sales. With over 100 brands successfully launched on Amazon and millions of dollars in monthly sales managed for Amazon Vendor and Seller accounts, every action taken is carefully calculated to achieve one goal: maximizing clients’ return on their Amazon investment.

We focus on providing clients with the four essential components of a successful Amazon strategy: operational excellence, brand protection, organic marketing, and paid advertising.

We are a carefully assembled team, where every member is a skilled Amazon expert with knowledge and experience you can trust.

Our expertise isn't theoretical. We've applied it to great, demonstrable success for our loyal clients.



When we began working with this gourmet food brand, it became clear they weren’t properly leveraging the giftable nature of their products.

By optimizing their product listings for holiday keywords, we were able to boost their visibility when it counted, leveraging the holidays to boost this brand’s sales by 837%.



A Distributed Team with DIverse Experience and Concentrated Expertise


At Bobsled, we’ve made the conscious decision to largely ignore geographic location when making our hires. Because our work is digital and we use the Slack platform for all communication, we’re able to select the best people all over the world who are most qualified for their positions.

As a result, our team is full of people with advanced degrees and years of industry--not just agency--experience. Through being location-agnostic and casting a wide net for talent, our team’s expertise gets real results for our clients.


Our Values


Good things happen when we are honest.

Helping out our teammates and clients, positive attitude, being likeable.

Personal organization, prioritizing efficiency in our processes and systems, and resourcefulness.

Having a growth mindset, prioritizing learning and problem solving.



What our employees say about working at Bobsled


"What are the three most motivating things about working at Bobsled Marketing?

1. Knowledge Center - we are supported and guided in most every task we take.
2. Tacos - a silly thing but silly is good
3. Every team member is given the space to do their job. We are thoroughly trained and then trusted to execute."

— Bobsled Marketing Project Manager


"What are the three most motivating things about working at Bobsled Marketing?

1. Great bosses, that entertain questions thoroughly and patiently, and share their knowledge.
2. Excellent team mates that are willing to work alongside you - there’s no sense of “that’s not my job”. It’s encouraging to have strong camaraderie.
3. Endless challenges that make work exciting. Amazon itself is a monster, but this is the first job where I’ve ever had a question on how to truly slow down sales."

— Bobsled Marketing Project Manager



As a Topgrading company, our hiring processes are unusually thorough. In addition to the usual interviews, we ask candidates about their entire career - all your successes, mistakes, key decisions, and important professional relationships. Finalists are asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers.



If you're interested in working for Bobsled Marketing, we would be happy to evaluate your application. You can send your cover letter and resume to Emily Peterson.