An account audit uncovers major growth opportunities

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Product Category: Electronics


The situation

  • Brand manufacturer of a popular wireless hearing and listening system, specifically marketed toward people with hearing loss.

  • Struggling to grow their sales on Amazon—the client didn’t have the time necessary to dedicate to optimizing campaigns and understanding the marketplace.

  • A previous Craigslist hire lead to heavy ad spending with little results.

  • The popularity of their product lead to several unauthorized sellers competing for the Buy Box on their product pages.

  • Responding to negative reviews in a timely manner was difficult.

How Bobsled Marketing helped

Before officially signing on with Bobsled for an ongoing management retainer, we began with a comprehensive client campaign audit. This audit included a review of listing pages, analysis of current PPC efforts, and in-depth keyword research.

While completing this audit we identified a laundry list of changes to make to differentiate their product listings over the competition, including reviewing each product listing to address both desktop and mobile shoppers.

We also addressed key issues with their existing Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns and grow sales for the brand while keeping ACoS low.

Since signing on Bobsled for comprehensive management of their account, the team assigned to this client began to systematically remove unauthorized sellers. At the same time, we developed an ongoing process for dealing with negative product reviews and posting responses on the client’s behalf.

The results

  • More than 100% sales growth—from $40,000 in the first two weeks of October 2016 to $86,500 in the last two weeks of December.

  • Significantly fewer unauthorized sellers on the client’s listing pages.

  • A single Sponsored Products campaign has generated more than $660,000 since March 2016, with an ACoS of 3.88%.

  • From Q4 2016 to Q1 2017, we more than doubled the number of product reviews on this account, with some products increasing by 270% to 450%. Most importantly, the star ratings stabilized across the board, from having several products with 3.5 star ratings, to all products now having 4+ stars.

Product review & rating stabilization over time

Product review & rating stabilization over time