Auditing Moderate Amazon Success for Clues

laptop bag case.jpg


Product Category: Clothing & Accessories


The situation

This client had been selling on Amazon for a number of years to moderate success, but they wanted a second opinion on how they could identify opportunities for growth via their Seller Central account.

How Bobsled Marketing got started

  • We reviewed every product listing with an eye toward SEO and conversion potential.

  • We identified gaps in high-quality imagery.

  • Our PPC specialists began collaborating with the client on how copy could be leveraged to immediately answer common questions and concerns about the product.

  • We analyzed their bidding and keyword strategies to discover new grouping and targeting methods that would drive down spend while growing sales and revenue.

  • An audit of the post-purchase email sequence identified opportunities for stronger copy and better timing.

The results

After this audit, the client, which makes laptop bags, signed on with Bobsled Marketing for a comprehensive PPC management project. Since then, we’ve been managing their ad campaigns, optimizing SEO, and driving more sales while actually spending less on advertising.