A Makeup Brand goes from Good to Great

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account management & international launch

Product Category: Beauty


The situation

  • A makeup brand with proprietary products which was already selling successfully on Amazon.

  • Being their primary sales channel, the client was interested in following new best practices to further fuel growth in this competitive category.

  • No time left to build other sales channels or elevate their team from operational tasks associated with managing their Amazon account.

  • Persistent issues with their Canadian product listings.

  • International growth aspirations: wanted to launch in new marketplaces.

How Bobsled Marketing helped

With any new brand that we work with, the team starts with a full, comprehensive audit of product listings to identify opportunities for improvement. In this case, we worked through the following:  

  • Composing optimized, conversion-focused copy for product descriptions.

  • A visual product listing refresh to showcase the features and benefits of the products.

  • Competitor analysis to discover areas of opportunity.

  • Full update of backend keywords to improve discoverability.

After this initial catalog optimization, we sought to ramp up sales quickly using paid search. It’s important to do this after the product listings have been effectively optimized, so that customers who click through to a product page are more likely to convert.

Secure in knowing that every aspect of their Amazon account was being handled professionally, the owners of this company were able to take their first vacation since launching on Amazon! Since we use the chat program Slack for all communication with clients, it was easy for them to access any urgent updates in real time, and get back up to speed without a backlog of emails.

The results

  • From September 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016:

    • More than $280,000 in product sales during the period—significant growth over $134,000 the previous year.

    • Growth in monthly sales from ads from $30,000/month in September to nearly $60,000 by year’s end. This was achieved with an average ACoS of 14% throughout the period in the US and just over 10% in Canada.

  • Re-launch products in Canada and improve sales from an average of $175/month prior to our engagement, to an average of $1,400/month. 

  • Got approval for the client to sell in the UK and launched their product catalog in that market.