Leveraging Holidays for Higher Revenue


Amazon Account Management

Product Category: Gourmet Foods
& Grocery

The situation

  • A client with a vast catalog of highly "giftable" gourmet food products, such as handcrafted chocolates, gourmet nuts, and trail mixes.

  • Dependence on the holiday season for sales created anxiety around launching new products.

  • No existing process for launching new products; no strategy for optimizing existing listings for higher conversions.

  • No capability for determining which new products would be profitable to launch and maintain.

How Bobsled Marketing helped

Every Amazon account managed by Bobsled Marketing gets a Project Manager, an expert PPC Specialist, and an Account Specialist. We began by assembling our team and got to work understanding the product categories that would be most profitable for the client. Between September and December 2016, we developed and executed on a launch cycle that brought 38 new products to Amazon in association with seasonal holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

While launching these new products, we began to improve existing product listings.
This optimization approach included:

  • Adding the names of relevant holidays in both the titles and keywords, as appropriate.
  • Conducting keyword research for each parent product and updating the product metadata so that products perform better both in organic and paid search results.  
  • Creating standardized templates for every product, which included guidelines for images, keywords, bullet points, and conversion-focused copy.

From this initial effort, we developed a repeatable workflow that is now used to continuously improve on listings and remain agile in responding to changes in the market. Over a period of several months we were able to optimize the client’s entire catalog, and even optimize some product pages with Enhanced Brand Content to grow conversions even further.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) was something that the client was previously not taking full advantage of. There were a few campaigns running but they were poorly structured, with several products combined under the same ad group. The client was only spending $20-$30 per day on ads because, with an average ACoS of 53.74%, paid traffic was just too expensive.

After cleaning up the campaigns so that each product has its own ad group with holiday-specific and SKU-specific keywords, the daily account budget is between $200 and $800.


  • 837% increase in sales between September 2016 and December 2016.
  • 79% growth in Valentine’s Day sales over the previous year, and 900% growth in sales between the week of Valentine’s Day versus the previous week.
  • 100 new parent SKUs successfully launched and optimized within four months.
  • Used PPC to drive an exponential increase in sales, while maintaining a profitable ACoS for the client, regularly dipping under 20%. 
  • Christmas 2016 ACoS: 32.48%
  • Easter 2017 ACoS: 19.59% 
  • ACoS of 25.59% in the year to date for 2017, versus 53.74% before Bobsled’s engagement.
  • Lessons learned from Christmas 2016 were used to great effect during Easter 2017. Inventory levels were boosted, product listing titles & copy optimized specifically for the season, and PPC campaigns up and running at least six weeks before the holiday. The client generated $24,000 in sales attributed to PPC over the 2017 Easter period, versus $3,259 in sales attributed to PPC for the 2016 Easter period.